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2018 - 2022 Stormwater Program Summary As of Dec 31, 2017
Project Name and Location RFP(1) Design(2) Award of Construction Construction Est.($M)
  Cuyahoga North        
Colombo Park Stream Restoration- BC00299N/AN/A17-May-18$1.5
The project site is along both the left and right banks, approximately 300 ft in length. The project includes stabilization of the stream banks.
Big Creek Stabilization BC00032N/AN/A21-Jun-18$7.3
The project will provide streambank stabilization along Big Creek and protection of roadways, parking lot, railroad, drop structure and other infrastructure.
Hemlock Creek Bank Stabilization HC00038 & BD00042N/AN/A3rd Quarter 2020$0.8
Stabilze the stream bed and bank and re-grade the floodplain to contain the out of bank flows during larger storm events.
Mill Creek Bank Stabilization MC00125N/AN/A3rd Quarter 2020$0.4
Stabilize the stream bank along Mill Creek in Warrensville Heights where erosion is threatening several homes.
Spring Creek Culvert RehabilitationN/AN/A26-Apr-18$0.7
Rehab approximately 490 feet of a culverted stream along Spring Creek from west of Bradley Road to the Cuyahoga River in the City of Cleveland. Project is located in an industrial area and requires cooperation with affected property owners that includes the City of Cleveland and CSX Railway. The project was initiated because of a collapsed section of the culvert.
Lower Twin Lakes Dam RepairN/AN/A18-Jun-18$0.2
Additional work is anticipated in the near future to design and construct repairs to the Lower Twin Lake dam in Parma
Big Creek Stabilization BC00004 and BC 00010N/AN/A1st Quarter 2020$2.0
Bank erosion in 2 locations along Big Creek in Cleveland which is threatening a commercial property lot and a railroad crossing.
Bank Erosion Upstream of the Lancaster Bridge WC00067-6807-Dec-17 A05-Apr-182nd Quarter 2020$0.4
The project is to stabilize and protect the eroding embankments of West Creek both upstream and under the Lancaster Road Bridge in Brooklyn Heights Ohio
West Creek Bank Stabilization WC00046-WC0006607-Dec-17 A05-Apr-182nd Quarter 2020$5.1
This project will include the rehabilitation of West Creek to stabilize the creek and improve stream function from the Lancaster Bridge to the Fogg Property in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio. This includes repairing or replacing the concrete lined channel, retaining walls, and energy dissipator along West Creek adjacent to IR-480 in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio.
West Creek Trash Rack Repair and Replacement WC0004907-Dec-17 A05-Apr-182nd Quarter 2020$0.4
The project includes replacing damage debris racks in the West Creek area, providing a permanent access point to the racks for maintenance, and repairing the damaged left bank of asset WC00049 that carries flows under IR-480 in Brooklyn Heights Ohio.
Cuyahoga River_Erosion at BTU CY00103C_T001N/AN/A4th Quarter 2019$1.8
This project involves bank erosion along approximately 750'''' of the left bank of the Cuyahoga River, which may threaten the function of the CVNP Scenic Railroad. The top of the bank is within 30'''' of the railroad at its nearest point. There is a single row of large trees in between the railroad and the eroded band, but the rooting depth does little to protect the 15'''' high banks. This project aims to stabilize the eroding stream bank to protect the railroad considering the stability of the upstream and downstream areas so that the design and construction will not transfer the erosion elsewhere along this stretch of river.
Hemlock Creek_Stream Erosion at HC00005N/AN/A4th Quarter 2019$1.0
Project comprises approximately the lower 1/3 of asset HC00005 and ends at HC00004 (upstream end of Stone Rd bridge). Perform bank grading minor channel adjustment/realignment and stabilize approximately 570 lf of stream adjacent to Hemlock Rd and parallel sanitary sewer. Evaluate 150 lf of existing concrete wall for structural integrity to determine appropriate maintenance or removal options. Parcels are owned by Independence and CVNP. Hemlock Creek is eroding approximately 75'''' of railroal adjacent to Hemlock Rd and a 15" sanitary sewer line approximately 5'''' from the eroding bank. Reach exhibits bank erosion in other areas, but no other structures are being impacted at this time. 150'''' lf concrete wall on RR downstream from the eroded area constricts flow and appears to exacerbate RL erosion opposite the wall. Extensive floodplain fill of old bricks in this area on both banks.
Unnamed Tib to Cuyahoga_Failed Gabions CH00148, CH00156N/AN/A4th Quarter 2019$0.8
Gabions protecting roadway have failed and slid into the stream channel, partially filling the stream, but still providing protection for the bed and banks. Scour hole at upstream crossing suggests hydraulic constriction at this feature. Private driveway crossings CH00155 and CH00157 are in declining condition. Reach is relatively steep and private driveway crossings provide some grade control.
Debris Racks and Access Road Improvements in Various LocationsN/AN/A2nd Quarter 2019$1.0
Installation or upgrading of debris racks and access roads throughout the service area. Includes 8 debris racks and 9 access roads totaling approximately 8485 LF
Mill Creek Erosion Control MC 00057 & MC00135N/AN/A4th Quarter 2020$0.7
At a minimum stabilize a developing headcut and eroding right bank that is adjacent to a dry stormwater detention basin, plus some downstream erosion and high bank slumping on the left bank. The erosion could ultimately impact the function of the basin for the business park.
Big Creek - West Branch Bank Stabilization BC00351, WB00072 & WB00104N/AN/A1st Quarter 2021$0.4
This project combines 3 areas on Big Creek which require bank stabilization to protect houses and utilities.
Hawthorn Creek DS Renaissance Pkwy HA00295N/AN/A2nd Quarter 2020$0.1
Reconfigure scour hole and protect/stabilize the Renaissance Pkwy crossing over Hawthorne Creek.
Erosion and Bank Failure WB00108N/AN/A4th Quarter 2019$1.1
Infrastructure slope and man-made streambank protection failure. Threatening residential structures.
Floodplain Restoration/Bank Stabilization in Highland Hills Park MC001334th Quarter 20191st Quarter 2020N/A$0.3
Grade back and stabilize approximately 350 feet of right stream bank and floodplain to reduce erosion, improve hydraulics and floodplain capacity.
  Chagrin River        
Chagrin River/LET SWMP Study17-May-1806-Sep-18N/AN/A
Two year study to develop watershed based solutions to a broad suite of stormwater problems and identify early action projects for the Lake Erie Tributaries and Chagrin River Watershed.
Pepper Luce Shaker Blvd Culvert Deterioration PC00111/PC00113N/A04-Jan-18 AN/AN/A
Replacement of a structural deficient and undersized culvert with a larger system or possibly re-establishing an open stream. This project is within the City of Pepper Pike at Shaker Blvd
Beechers Brook_Slowly Eroding toward Home BE00053_B001N/AN/A4th Quarter 2020$0.2
Must re-align channel thalweg and stabilize approximately 90 ft of right bank to stop erosion from migrating toward home. The stream is moving toward a home east of the channel on parcel 83134085, but most of the work would be performed on parcel 83134086, which is west of the channel. Additional ancillary bank stabilization work (re-grading and native vegetation) could be performed along BE00051 and BE00049 where the stream is currently eroding into lawn. Working in all three assets would require approximately 290 lf of channel work.
Pepper Luce_Gates Mills Blvd Culvert Deterioration PC00218N/AN/A4th Quarter 2019$0.8
A number of issues along Pepper Luce adjacent to this property, including: a) stormflows run behind the gabions that protect the yard and some loss of gabion fill along toe, b) wooden footbridge is in poor condition, and c) severe bank erosion and excessive sedimentation at the upstream end of the reach.
Pepper Luce_Erosion and Deterioration - PC00144-PC00146N/AN/A4th Quarter 2019$0.3
A number of issues along Pepper Luce adjacent to this property, including: a) stormflows run behind the gabions that protect the yard and some loss of gabion fill along toe, b) wooden footbridge is in poor condition, and c) severe bank erosion and excessive sedimentation at the upstream end of the reach.
  Cuyahoga South        
Brecksville Condominium Stabilization CC00032N/AN/A1st Quarter 2020$0.3
Chippewa Creek is within 12’ of buildings and approximately 6’ from parallel local sanitary sewer. In addition, stabilize exposed stormwater pipe and headwall.
Chippewa Creek Bank Stabilization CC00030N/AN/A3rd Quarter 2019$1.5
Chippewa Creek_Erosion Near Local Sewer CC00170N/AN/A2nd Quarter 2020$0.2
There is left bank erosion downstream of what appears to be an old, failed crossing is encroaching on a local sanitary sewer line and may be within 3'''' of the sewer. Farther downstream (approx. 150'''') the right bank is eroding for about 50'''' around the end of some gabions. This project aims to prevent erosion from damaging the sewer and/or eroding around, or undermining the gabions downstream. It will demolish the old, failing crossing and re-grade banks with toe protection to tie-in with stable areas upstream and downstream.
Chippewa Creek_Gabion Failure BTU CC00191_001N/AN/A2nd Quarter 2020$0.3
Entire upper extents of reach are lined with gabions. Downstream 10'' of right bank gabions have failed and have fallen into the channel. Downstream left bank 40'' feet of gabions are undermined and slumping toward the channel. Channel is relatively stable at downstream transition to natural channel. Streambed is generally stable through gabion section, but is steep and may begin to headcut toward private bridge (CC00175) as gabion mattress in channel begins to deteriorate.
Cuyahoga River_Left Bank Erosion near CVNP RR - CY00219N/AN/A4th Quarter 2019$1.8
River left bank erosion along approximately 750'''' of the Cuyahoga River may threaten the function of the CVNP Scenic Railroad. Top of bank is within 30'''' of RR at nearest point. Single row of large trees is between the RR and erosion, but rooting depth does little to protect the 15'''' high banks.
Chippewa Creek Bank Stabilization CC00084, CC000821st Quarter 20192nd Quarter 20193rd Quarter 2020$0.8
200 feet of stream bank stabilization. Failing embankment is approximately 40 feet high with some stabilization with sandstone. CC00082: Bank erosion on RL of Chippewa Creek in Broadview Heights threatens an unprotected grass embankment of an off-line dry detention basin.
Chippewa Creek Bank Erosion CC0012227-Dec-181st Quarter 2019N/A$0.6
Erosion along right bank adjacent to HOA pool and playground has worsened significantly since last inspection. Total length of erosion is ~150''. Clay at the toe of slope with sandy silt and evidence of former streambed halfway up the slope.
Chippewa Creek Erosion CC002231st Quarter 20192nd Quarter 2019N/A$0.5
Erosion along right bank at tight meander bend in channel. Residential deck footing has become slightly exposed.
Culvert Repair CC0015725-Dec-181st Quarter 2019N/A$0.1
Headwall and CMP barrel threatened. Barrel, US headwall, and embankments in very good condition.  Some minor scour upstream at barrel footer that is getting under the barrel. ODOT scored at a 3 due to the scour.
Cuyahoga Erosion DC Fitzwater Rd CY00179AN/AN/A1st Quarter 2021$0.6
River right erosion has encroached to within 4’ of the towpath trail. Eroded bank in approximately 300’ in length.
Stormwater Conservation Planning and Property Acquisition Services19-Oct-17 A01-Feb-18N/AN/A
Cooperative agreement with non-profit land conservation organizations who demonstrate the ability to provide input on conservation planning and pursue property acquisition services on behalf of the District in support of the RSMP
Ecological Assessment Services05-Oct-17 A05-Apr-18N/AN/A
General ecological screening and assessment services. Site visits to determine ecological and cultural resources. May include but not limited to wetland delineations, endangered species habitat surveys, stream assessments, historical properties database searches, environmental permitting assistance, vegetation assessments, invasive species control, and regulatory agency coordination. These services will mainly be performed in support of Stormwater and CIP projects.
  Lake Erie Direct        
Shaker Lakes Dam Rehabilitations DB00056 & DB00101N/A04-Feb-16 A12-Apr-18$4.1
This project will make improvements to the dam embankments and structures at Horseshoe and Green Lakes to meet ODNR Dam Safety requirements.
Doan Brook Stream and Bank Stabilization DB00029N/AN/A03-May-18$2.5
The project will stabilize and rehabilitate approximately 1,000-feet of stream channel and convert available contiguous land into hydraulically-connected and functioning floodplains. The proposed improvements will avert significant streambank erosion within the project area as well as provide stormwater quality improvements for a portion of the Doan Brook watershed. When completed, the project will provide streambank stabilization, protection of utilities and infrastructure, flooding relief, improved stream flow, enhanced streamside riparian areas, aesthetic improvements and improved public access to this section of Doan Brook.
Doan Brook_Erosion at Footbridge DB00161N/AN/A3rd Quarter 2020$0.1
This project will require minor channel realignment and bank stabilization along approximately 60'''' feet of Doan Brook. Left stream bank erosion has partially undermined the footer for footbridge in park area of the Shaker Nature Center. The right bank is in good condition and is connected to a forested floodplain. The stream bed is stable and mostly bedrock.
Nine Mile Headwall Replacement2nd Quarter 20193rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020$0.3
The goal of the project is to repair and stabilize the impacted slope, replace the storm sewer and rebuild a suitable headwall that will remain stable. The entire project length is about 250 lf.
Lakeview Dam Regulatory ComplianceN/AN/A3rd Quarter 2020$0.3
This project is to bring the Lakeview Dam into ODNR compliance by removing trees and sediment adjacent to the asset.
Euclid Creek Streambank Stabilization EE003503rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 2019N/A$0.1
The parking lot is paved to the top of the streambank. A crib wall was constructed along part and concrete was placed on the sloped bank.
USACE Euclid Creek Spillway Fish Passage EC000084th Quarter 20201st Quarter 2021N/A$0.5
The spillway drop structure is the last structure in lower Euclid Creek contributing to the Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat BUI in this portion of the Cuyahoga AOC. The project would restore fish passage an longitudinal connectivity through this portion of Euclid Creek.
Doan Brook Sowinski Park Floodplain Connection DB000134th Quarter 20191st Quarter 2020N/A$0.6
Remove failed timber retaining wall and stabilize approximately 150 feet of left stream bank immediately downstream from the Courtland culvert.
  Rocky River        
Baldwin Creek_North Royalton Bank Erosion and Failing Private Crossing BD00291,00292,00293 and 00287N/AN/A3rd Quarter 2019$0.7
This project involves approximately 200 feet of bank erosion upstream and downstream of a private driveway crossing. The crossing is in poor condition with rusting CMP pipes and a concrete structure which is being undermined by the stream. No other infrastructure is threatened. The project will stabilize eroding banks and capitalize on opportunities to reconnect floodplain downstream.
Unnamed Trib. to E. Br. Rocky River Ridge Road Bank Erosion - RY00434N/AN/A3rd Quarter 2019$0.8
Severe bank erosion along the left bank of this tributary threatens Ridge Road. A number of guardrail posts have been exposed and existing bank protection is being flanked by stream flows. The stream exits crossing RY00435 and flow is immediately deflected south along Ridge Rd by a concrete apron. Stream flows are eroding the unprotected banks adjacent to the roadway. Approximately 90 lf of the bank/roadway is protected by large, earthen-filled concrete block wall, which is being flanked at the upstream end. It is unclear if, or how far the blocks have been footed into the streambed.
Debris Rock Modifications and Bank stabilization AC00018 & AC00123N/AN/A1st Quarter 2021$0.3
North Royalton Culvert Repair BD0029625-Dec-181st Quarter 2019N/A$1.4
CMP culvert exhibits advanced deterioration. Invert is perforated throughout the length of the pipe allowing water to undermine pipe. Misalignment, joint separation up to 6" allowing backfill to infiltrate. Crown of pipe flattening in several locations.
Stormwater Sub-program Total $45.3
2018 - 2022 Stormwater Program Summary Total $45.3
(1) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Issue Request for Proposal
(2) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Enter into Consultant Agreement