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2022 - 2024 Stormwater Program Summary as of Oct 31, 2022

Project Name and Location



Award of Construction

Construction Estimate ($M)


Cuyahoga North

West Creek Stabilization in Brooklyn Heights

07-Dec-17 A

07-Jun-18 A

1st Quarter 2023


    This project will include the rehabilitation of West Creek to stabilize the creek and improve stream function  in the Village of Brooklyn Heights. This project also includes addressing the concrete lined channel, retaining walls, and energy dissipater along West Creek adjacent to IR-480 which is in poor condition and an impediment to fish passage.

Mill Creek Restoration and Kerruish Basin Modifications

07-Jul-22 A

1st Quarter 2023

4th Quarter 2024


    The project will restore approximately 2,000 feet of Mill Creek upstream of the Kerruish stormwater basin.  The project is intended to add more storage for the Kerruish basin, improve water quality, provide fish passage, reduce sedimentation, protect exposed sewers and reduce maintenance activities for the Kerruish basin, including woody debris removal on the basin outlet grate. The restoration approach will focus on increasing the interaction between the stream and floodplain. This allows sediment to deposit on the floodplain and can enhances the retention of carbon within the adjacent forested areas. Lowering stream velocity will reduce the energy available for eroding the banks of Mill Creek through the project area.  This design will help meet the objective of capturing fine sediment that is currently being deposited in the basin.

Mill Creek Restoration near Cricket Lane in Warrensville Heights

15-Jul-21 A

16-Dec-21 A

4th Quarter 2023


    This project will restore a section of Mill Creek along Cricket Lane in Warrensville Heights.  The goal is to stabilize the Mill Creek's stream bed, and create floodplain access to control the out of bank flows of Mill Creek during larger storm events.

Hemlock Creek Bank Stabilization in Seven Hills Phase 1

18-Mar-21 A

19-Aug-21 A

3rd Quarter 2023


    The Hemlock Creek Bank Stabilization in Seven Hills Phase 1 Project includes the restoration and stabilization of several hundred linear feet of Hemlock Creek and the relocation of two roadway culverts through a residential neighborhood in Seven Hills. Several property acquisitions in this area has allowed for this project to move forward in order to restore Hemlock Creek and further reduce risk to buildings, roads, and utilities in the project area

Big Creek Stream Restoration Upstream and Downstream of Ridge Road in Parma

19-Dec-19 A

21-May-20 A

3rd Quarter 2023


    The project includes 4,000 feet of realignment and restoration of Big Creek, 1,200 feet of targeted bank stabilization, 2 acres of floodplain expansion, and improvements to the Ridge Road crossing between Pleasant Valley Road and Sprague Road.

Big Creek Bank Stabilization near York Road in Parma Heights



1st Quarter 2023


    Stabilize right bank of Big Creek along York Road behind Drug Mart in Parma Heights on regional stormwater system asset BC00301

Mill Creek Culverted Streams Rehabilitation Package 1



2nd Quarter 2023


    This project includes the repair and rehabilitiation of several deteriorating culverted stream Regional Stormwater System assets along Mill Creek.

West Creek Veterans Basin Improvements in Parma



2nd Quarter 2024


    This project consists of the expansion and improvement of Veteran's Park Basin, in Parma. Initial recommendations for the project are included in the Cuyahoga River North Stormwater Masterplan West Creek Subwatershed Report, within Problem Area WC-PA-04.

Big Creek Flood Reduction near Maplegrove in North Royalton



2nd Quarter 2024


    This project will create floodplain storage and restore Big Creek near Maplegrove Avenue and Oakridge Drive, after the demolition of three residential structures.

Hemlock Creek Bank Stabilization in Independence



2nd Quarter 2024


    Project expected to remove the Hemlock Road bridge over Hemlock Creek and stabilize eroding streambanks that are currently risks to a public trail and sanitary sewer near the creek.

Cuyahoga North Sub Total:


Cuyahoga South

Chippewa Creek Flood Reduction Project Near Echo Lane

07-Mar-19 A

05-Sep-19 A

2nd Quarter 2023


    Project will allevite flooding and reduce flooding risks to a neighborhood in Broadview Heights including homes along Echo Lane, W Ridge Drive, and Oaks Drive.  The project includes modifying a detention basin in the neightborhood, as well as providing additional floodplain volume to reduce flooding potential.

Chippewa Creek Bank Stabilization at Route 21





    The project will address erosion issues along the left bank of Chippewa Creek that threatens structural integrity of a commercial building. This stabilization project is necessary to help realign the stream away from the high bank and protect the building from potential damage.

Cuyahoga South Sub Total:


Lake Erie Direct

Lower Shaker Lakes Dam Reconstruction


2nd Quarter 2023

3rd Quarter 2025


    The project scope involves the design of reconstruction improvements needed to satisfy Class I dam performance requirements.  Budgeted from operating since the dam is owned by others.

Doan Brook Restoration near Horseshoe Lake Park

02-Sep-21 A

07-Apr-22 A

2nd Quarter 2025


    Deconstruction of the existing dam at Upper Shaker Lake (Horseshoe Lake) is proposed. This project will remove the existing dam structure and restore Doan Brook through the existing dam and lake. It will include sediment management, stream restoration, and landscape architecture planning. The project is based on recommendations and analyses from the Stormwater Master Plan for the Doan Brook watershed.

Dugway Brook Forest Hill Park Dam Removal



1st Quarter 2024


    This project will remove the Forest Hill Park Dam from ODNR dam classification and reduce the risk of downstream hazards associated with a Class I dam that includes probable loss of life.

Lake Erie Direct Sub Total:


Rocky River

Baldwin Creek Dell Haven Basin near York Road

04-Aug-22 A

1st Quarter 2023

2nd Quarter 2024


    This project will create a new detention basin along Baldwin Creek northeast of the intersection of York Road and West Pleasant Valley Road in the City of Parma. The intent of this project is to reduce flood risk downstream along Baldwin Creek.

Baldwin Creek Bonnie Banks Basin Improvements



1st Quarter 2024


    This project will expand the storage volume and modify the controls of the existing Bonny Banks dry detention basin in the City of Parma along Baldwin Creek and stabilize the creek upstream of this basin to reduce future sediment load to the basin.

Rocky River Sub Total:



Renewal of Culverted Streams II


1st Quarter 2023

3rd Quarter 2024


    This project includes the repair and rehabilitation of several deteriorating culverted stream Regional Stormwater System assets. Included in this project are the replacement of 2 culverted stream assets in the Mill Creek watershed in Garfield Heights, including MC00056 and MC00058, and the rehabilitation and/or replacement of culverted stream asset WB00084 in the Big Creek West Branch watershed in Cleveland.

Districtwide Sub Total:


Stormwater Sub-Program Total:


Stormwater Program Total: