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2017 - 2021 SW Program Summary As of Nov 30, 2017
Project Name and Location RFP(1) Design(2) Award of Construction Construction Est.($M)
  Cuyahoga North        
Colombo Park Stream Restoration- BC00299N/AN/A2nd Quarter 2018$1.5
Big Creek Stabilization BC00032N/AN/A3rd Quarter 2018$7.3
Hemlock Creek Bank Stabilization HC00038 & BD00042N/AN/A4th Quarter 2019N/A
Mill Creek Bank Stabilization MC00125N/AN/A4th Quarter 2019N/A
Spring Creek Culvert RehabilitationN/AN/A2nd Quarter 2018$0.7
Big Creek Stabilization BC00004 and BC 00010N/AN/A1st Quarter 2020$2.0
Bank Erosion Upstream of the Lancaster Bridge WC00067-6807-Dec-17 A1st Quarter 20181st Quarter 2020$0.4
West Creek Bank Stabilization WC00046-WC0006607-Dec-17 A1st Quarter 20181st Quarter 2020$5.1
West Creek Trash Rack Repair and Replacement WC0004907-Dec-17 A1st Quarter 20181st Quarter 2020$0.4
Mill Creek Erosion Control MC 00057 & MC00135N/AN/A4th Quarter 2020$0.7
Big Creek - West Branch Bank Stabilization BC00351, WB00072 & WB00104N/AN/A1st Quarter 2021$0.4
Hawthorn Creek DS Renaissance Pkwy HA00295N/AN/A2nd Quarter 2020$0.1
Erosion and Bank Failure WB00108N/AN/A4th Quarter 2019$1.1
Floodplain Restoration/Bank Stabilization in Highland Hills Park MC001334th Quarter 20191st Quarter 2020N/A$0.3
  Chagrin River        
Chagrin River/LET SWMP Study2nd Quarter 20183rd Quarter 2018N/AN/A
  Cuyahoga South        
Brecksville Condominium Stabilization CC00032N/AN/A4th Quarter 2019$0.3
Chippewa Creek Bank Stabilization CC00030N/AN/A3rd Quarter 2019$1.5
Chippewa Creek Bank Stabilization CC00084, CC000822nd Quarter 20193rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020$0.8
Chippewa Creek Bank Erosion CC001224th Quarter 20181st Quarter 2019N/A$0.6
Chippewa Creek Erosion CC002231st Quarter 20192nd Quarter 2019N/A$0.5
Culvert Repair CC001574th Quarter 20181st Quarter 2019N/A$0.1
Cuyahoga Erosion DC Fitzwater Rd CY00179AN/AN/A1st Quarter 2021$0.6
Stormwater Conservation Planning and Property Acquisition Services19-Oct-17 A1st Quarter 2018N/AN/A
  Lake Erie Direct        
Shaker Lakes Dam Rehabilitations DB00056 & DB00101N/A04-Feb-16 A1st Quarter 2018$4.1
Doan Brook Stream and Bank Stabilization DB00029N/AN/A2nd Quarter 2018$2.5
Nine Mile Headwall Replacement2nd Quarter 20193rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020$0.3
Lakeview Dam Regulatory ComplianceN/AN/A3rd Quarter 2020$0.3
Euclid Creek Streambank Stabilization EE003503rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 2019N/A$0.1
USACE Euclid Creek Spillway Fish Passage EC000084th Quarter 20201st Quarter 2021N/A$0.5
Doan Brook Sowinski Park Floodplain Connection DB000134th Quarter 20191st Quarter 2020N/A$0.6
  Rocky River        
Debris Rock Modifications and Bank stabilization AC00018 & AC00123N/AN/A1st Quarter 2021$0.3
North Royalton Culvert Repair BD002964th Quarter 20181st Quarter 2019N/A$1.4
Stormwater Sub-program Total $34.3
2017 - 2021 SW Program Summary Total $34.3
(1) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Issue Request for Proposal
(2) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Enter into Consultant Agreement