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2017 - 2021 Stormwater Program Summary As of Jun 30, 2017
Project Name and Location RFP(1) Design(2) Award of Construction Construction Est.($M)
  Cuyahoga North        
Colombo Park Stream Restoration- BC00299N/AN/A21-Dec-17$1.2
Big Creek Stabilization BC00032N/AN/A2nd Quarter 2018$4.5
Hemlock Creek Bank Stabilization HC00038 & BD00042N/AN/A4th Quarter 2018$1.2
Mill Creek Bank Stabilization MC00125N/AN/A4th Quarter 2018$0.4
Ridge Road (Stickney Creek) Bank Stabilization and Utility Repair ST0020920-Jul-17 A18-Oct-17N/A$1.0
Spring Creek Culvert RehabilitationN/AN/A1st Quarter 2018$0.7
West Creek Bank Stabilization WC00046-WC0006602-Nov-171st Quarter 20181st Quarter 2020$5.1
Mill Creek Erosion Control MC 00057 & MC00135N/AN/A4th Quarter 2020$0.7
Big Creek - West Branch Bank Stabilization BC00351, WB00072 & WB00104N/AN/A1st Quarter 2021$0.4
Big Creek Stabilization BC00004 and BC 00010N/AN/A1st Quarter 2020$2.0
West Creek Trash Rack Repair and Replacement19-Oct-171st Quarter 2018N/A$0.4
Bank Erosion Upstream of the Lancaster Bridge WC00067-6805-Oct-171st Quarter 20181st Quarter 2020$0.4
Hawthorn Creek DS Renaissance Pkwy HA00295N/AN/A2nd Quarter 2020$0.1
Erosion and Bank Failure WB00108N/AN/A4th Quarter 2019$1.1
Floodplain Restoration/Bank Stabilization in Highland Hills Park MC001334th Quarter 20191st Quarter 2020N/A$0.3
  Chagrin River        
Chagrin River/LET SWMP Study3rd Quarter 20184th Quarter 2018N/AN/A
  Cuyahoga South        
Brecksville Condominium Stabilization CC00032N/AN/A3rd Quarter 2019$1.5
Chippewa Creek Bank Stabilization CC00030N/AN/A3rd Quarter 2019$1.5
Chippewa Creek Bank Stabilization CC00084, CC000822nd Quarter 20193rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020$0.8
Chippewa Creek Bank Erosion CC001224th Quarter 20181st Quarter 2019N/A$0.6
Chippewa Creek Erosion CC002231st Quarter 20192nd Quarter 2019N/A$0.5
Culvert Repair CC001574th Quarter 20181st Quarter 2019N/A$0.1
Cuyahoga Erosion DC Fitzwater Rd CY00179AN/AN/A1st Quarter 2021$0.6
Stormwater General Engineering Services 2 (SWGES2)06-Jul-17 A21-Sep-17N/AN/A
Stormwater Conservation Planning and Property Acquisition Services03-Aug-1719-Oct-17N/AN/A
Stormwater Testing and Construction Inspection Services (SW TCIS)06-Apr-17 A17-Aug-17N/A$1.5
  Lake Erie Direct        
Shaker Lakes Dam Rehabilitations DB00056 & DB00101N/A04-Feb-16 A1st Quarter 2018$3.6
Doan Brook Stream and Bank Stabilization DB00029N/AN/A2nd Quarter 2018$2.4
Euclid Creek Flood Control Shoaling RemovalN/AN/A07-Sep-17$0.5
Nine Mile Headwall Replacement2nd Quarter 20193rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020$0.3
Lakeview Dam Regulatory ComplianceN/AN/A3rd Quarter 2020$0.3
Euclid Creek Streambank Stabilization EE003503rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 2019N/A$0.1
USACE Euclid Creek Spillway Fish Passage EC000084th Quarter 20201st Quarter 2021N/A$0.5
Doan Brook Sowinski Park Floodplain Connection DB000134th Quarter 20191st Quarter 2020N/A$0.6
  Rocky River        
Rocky River SWMP Study16-Mar-17 A03-Aug-17N/AN/A
Debris Rock Modifications and Bank stabilization AC00018 & AC00123N/AN/A1st Quarter 2021$0.3
North Royalton Culvert Repair BD002964th Quarter 20181st Quarter 2019N/A$1.4
Stormwater Sub-program Total $36.3
2017 - 2021 Stormwater Program Summary Total $36.3
(1) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Issue Request for Proposal
(2) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Enter into Consultant Agreement
Watershed 5-year Memo 2016

FROM:    Frank P. Greenland, P.E.
Director of Watershed Programs

RE: Regional Stormwater Management

       Program 2017-2021 Projects


DATE:      January 1, 2017

Dear Potential District Vendors:

Thank you for your interest in assisting the District with the implementation of our 2017-2021 Regional Stormwater Management Program.  The format of the 5-Year Program was designed to provide more information to our vendor community, including Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) companies that participate in the District’s Business Opportunity Program, to allow you to better plan your pursuits. This report is organized to highlight planned Regional Stormwater Management Program projects and provides key schedule milestones (Design Award and Construction Award). It is our hope that you will find this more succinct format useful in your pursuit of District work over the next several years.

The table above is updated monthly during the year to reflect the updated status of these projects


The District’s capital investment over the next five years is substantial and will require the work of many to achieve. To assist in delivering this aggressive program, the District has put into place numerous workflows and process improvements.  Over the next five years, these improvements will support expedited Requests-for-Proposals (RFPs), preparation of bid documents, and streamline construction administration of our critical projects.


We encourage all potential vendors to visit our website ( to obtain critical information about how to become registered with the District’s Business Opportunity Program as an SBE, MBE, or WBE, and review the current SBE, MBE, WBE registry for potential teaming partners at:

In addition, vendors may contact the following District staff for additional information on projects contained within the SW:

Frank P. Greenland, P.E., Director of Watershed Programs,

Vicky McCauley, P.E. Stormwater Design Manager,

The District looks forward to the opportunity to partner with many of you in the upcoming year, and the resulting successful implementation of our program. The continued investment in our plants and infrastructure is key to maintaining our community and the sustainability of our environment and Lake Erie for future generations to enjoy.


James D. Bunsey


Frank P. Greenland, P.E.

Director of Watershed Programs