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2018 - 2020 SW Program Summary As of May 2018
Project Name and Location RFP(1) Design(2) Award of Construction Construction Est.($M)
  Cuyahoga North        
Colombo Park Stream RestorationN/AN/A05-Jul-18$1.5
Big Creek StabilizationN/AN/A05-Jul-18$7.3
Spring Creek Culvert RehabilitationN/AN/A05-Jul-18$0.7
West Creek Stabilization in Brooklyn Heights07-Dec-17 A10-Jul-182nd Quarter 2020$5.1
West Ck Temporary Bank Stabilization at Resource Dr.N/A13-Feb-18 A18-Oct-18$0.1
Hemlock Creek Bank Stabilization in Seven HillsN/A02-Jul-194th Quarter 2020$0.8
Mill Creek Stream Stabilization in Warrensville HeightsN/A06-Apr-18 A4th Quarter 2020$0.4
Debris Racks and Access Road Improvements in Various LocationsN/A26-Mar-18 A4th Quarter 2019$1.0
Cuyahoga River Tributary Bank Stabilization at Brookside RdN/A05-Jun-184th Quarter 2019$0.8
Cuyahoga River Bank Stabilization at Railway in IndependenceN/A29-May-184th Quarter 2019$1.8
Hemlock Creek Bank Stabilization in IndependenceN/A29-May-184th Quarter 2019$1.0
Big Creek Chevy Branch Stream StabilizationN/A25-Jul-184th Quarter 2019$1.1
  Chagrin River        
Chagrin River/LET SWMP Study05-Apr-18 A16-Aug-18N/AN/A
Pepper Luce Creek Culvert Replacement/Rehabilitation at Gates Mills BoulevardN/A30-Jul-184th Quarter 2019$0.8
Pepper Luce Creek Stabilization Near Lander RoadN/A30-Jul-184th Quarter 2019$0.3
  Cuyahoga South        
Cuyahoga River Bank Stabilization BrecksvilleN/A29-May-184th Quarter 2019$1.0
Chippewa Creek Stabilization at Condominiums in BrecksvilleN/A27-Apr-18 A2nd Quarter 2020$0.3
Chippewa Creek Bank Stabilization at Route 21N/A27-Apr-18 A2nd Quarter 2020$1.5
Chippewa Creek - Bank Erosion near HOA Playground27-Dec-181st Quarter 2020N/A$0.6
Chippewa Creek Stream Stabilization near Westminster Lane1st Quarter 20192nd Quarter 20193rd Quarter 2020$0.8
Chippewa Creek Stream Stabilization near Broadview RoadN/A1st Quarter 20192nd Quarter 2020$0.2
Chippewa Creek Stream Restoration along Village DriveN/A1st Quarter 20192nd Quarter 2020$0.3
  Lake Erie Direct        
Shaker Lakes Dam ModificationsN/A04-Feb-16 A07-Jun-18$4.1
  Rocky River        
Baldwin Creek Stabilization near Abbey RoadN/A28-May-184th Quarter 2019$0.7
Rocky River Tributary Stabilization and Re-alignment along Ridge Road in North RoyaltonN/A28-May-184th Quarter 2019$0.8
Stormwater Sub-program Total $32.8
2018 - 2020 SW Program Summary Total $32.8
(1) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Issue Request for Proposal
(2) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Enter into Consultant Agreement