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2018 - 2022 CIP Program Summary As of Nov 30, 2018
Project Name and Location RFP(1) Design(2) Award of Construction Construction Est.($M)
CIP Collection Systems (Interceptors - Rehab)
  CIP Collection System Systemwide        
Dille Avenue/Barberton Creek Pump Stations Upgrades20-Dec-18N/A2nd Quarter 2019$2.0
This project will provide D/B contract to perform various upgrades at the Dille Avenue and Barberton Creek Pump Stations (PS). At Dille Avenue, the pump station upgrades include replacement of existing electrical MCC, distribution panelboards, transformers, interior/exterior lighting, emergency lighting, bubbler system tubing, safety systems, fall protection barriers and flow meter. It also includes a protective device study (including arc flash study and labelling), an investigation to determine changes required to accommodate the changes to the MCC location to meet code compliance and painting of interior walls. At Barberton Creek, the pump station upgrades include replacement of existing pneumatic ejectors with dry-well centrifugal pumps, existing lighting panel and existing supply and exhaust fans. It also includes installation of a pre-fab wet-well storage tank, a 480V backup generator connection and transformer, removal of existing air compressors and air storage tanks and relocation of a variable frequency drive.
Odor Control Facility Upgrades3rd Quarter 20191st Quarter 20201st Quarter 2021$2.3
Reconfiguration and replacement of filter media at 7 locations with synthetic media that does not require reoccurring replacement every 3 years
Pump Stations and Auto Regulator R&R Projects (2019-2036)3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022N/A
Pump Stations and Auto Regulator R&R Projects (2019-2036)
CSO Culvert Inspection and Repair 12nd Quarter 20213rd Quarter 20212nd Quarter 2022$24.6
This project is part of an ongoing inspection and repair program on CSO culverts in order to establish a baseline condition, determine if repairs are needed, then design and construct the repairs.
Collection System Asset Renewal-21st Quarter 20203rd Quarter 20202nd Quarter 2021$4.0
The CSAR projects will effectively prioritize collection system repair based off a menu of sewer segments that are expected to have reached the end of their useful lives. The menu was developed based on the District''''s asset management repair and renewal tool output. The CSAR-2 designers will review the list of choices and help us determine the sewer segments to inspect, design and repair. The designer will also help determine project packaging for the future CSAR contracts.
Collection System Asset Renewal-33rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022$4.0
Collection System Asset Renewal-42nd Quarter 20223rd Quarter 20222nd Quarter 2023$4.0
This project is based upon the years 2017-2020 repair and renewal plan output. This project''''s delivery method will potentially be a "find and fix" and/or "indefinite quantity" contract and the method will ultimately be determine during the IIEC-2 project in a workshop with District staff and the Consultant. Target pipes are attached in the Excel file.
Collection System Asset Renewal-54th Quarter 20221st Quarter 20234th Quarter 2023$8.0
  CIP Collection System Easterly        
Green Creek Culvert Repair4th Quarter 20211st Quarter 20222nd Quarter 2023$3.6
CIP Collection Systems (Interceptors - Rehab) Sub-program Total $52.5
CIP Combined Sewer Overflow Control Program (CSO)
  Easterly CSO Projects        
Doan Valley Regulators / Relief20-Oct-16 A16-Mar-17 A3rd Quarter 2019$8.0
The Doan Valley Regulators / Relief Sewers (DVRRS) project will be designed and constructed in order to meet specific CSO control requirements of Control Measure #8 as identified in Appendix 1 of the Consent Decree. When complete the project will provide CSO control for the Typical Year storm events and flood relief up to the 5-year, 6-hour storm within the Doan Valley Interceptor system. The project will provide open-cut sewer and storm pipe ranging from 18-inch to 72-inch, modifications at regulators, regulator reconstructions, and regulator abandonments.
Shoreline Storage Tunnel05-Apr-18 A04-Oct-18 A1st Quarter 2021$203.7
The selected consultant will be contracted to provide engineering services for approximately 3 miles of 21-foot-diameter CSO storage tunnel, six (6) tunnel shafts between 75 to 140 feet deep, near surface sewers ranging from 48 to 150 inch in diameter, and multiple near surface sewer diversion & gate control structures. The project is located within the City of Cleveland along the Interstate 90 corridor from approximately Marquette Road to East 110th Street.
Shoreline Consolidation Sewer2nd Quarter 20194th Quarter 20191st Quarter 2022$86.2
The Shoreline Consolidation Sewer project consists of approximately 11,700 linear feet (LF) of 114-inch-diameter sewer to be constructed along South Marginal Road from East 12th Street to its downstream connection to the Shoreline Storage Tunnel (SST) at Shaft SST-7 near Marquette Road. The SCS project will reduce the number of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to Lake Erie by capturing and conveying CSO from seven CSO outfallsthat currently discharge to Lake Erie.
  Southerly CSO Projects        
Burke Brook Open Channel Improvements (BOCI)N/AN/A3rd Quarter 2020$9.1
The Burke Brook Open Channel Improvements (BOCI) project consists of enclosing two existing open channels along I-77 that currently convey stormwater and combined sewage overflows during wet weather. The project includes the construction of approximately 1,100 feet of 78-inch to 120-inch CSO consolidation piping and restoration of surface drainage channels to carry separate storm flows draining from the surrounding area. The project is an initial phase in addressing the CSO control Measures required at this location; associated CSO control improvements will follow in a separate project under Control Measure 21 of the Consent Decree.
Pearl & Jennings Road Storage Tanks & Pump Station Upgrades19-Jul-18 A1st Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020$14.0
This project''''s purpose is to address Control Measure #23 of the Consent Decree, which requires improved CSO control for Outfalls CSO-045 and CSO-088. To limit Regulator WR-34 and BC-05-AJB activations to 4 or less in a typical year, several improvements are planned. These include the construction of CSO Storage Tanks at Regulators WR-34 and BC-05-AJB, the modification of Regulator WR-52, the upgrade of the pumping capacity of the Jennings Road Pump Station from 3.2 MGD to 5.5 MGD, and the separation of Old Treadway Creek from the Jennings Road combined sewer (and its rerouting to the Cuyahoga River). The scope of the Jennings Road Pump Station will likely include a more extensive electrical system upgrade.
Southerly Tunnel1st Quarter 20212nd Quarter 20213rd Quarter 2024$276.4
The Southerly Tunnel (SOT) project includes the construction of a 23-foot diameter storage tunnel extending approximately 18,000 feet in length and controlled by the Southerly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station (STDPS) to send dry and wet weather flows to the SWWTP.
Southerly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station1st Quarter 20212nd Quarter 20214th Quarter 2027$30.6
The STDPS project includes the construction of a deep tunnel pump station that will dewater the Southerly Tunnel under dry and wet weather conditions. The pump station would lift flows from the deep storage tunnel to be conveyed by gravity to the SWWTP and will be roughly 80 feet deep.
SCSO-1 Burke Brook Consolidation Sewer3rd Quarter 20224th Quarter 20222nd Quarter 2024$15.2
SCSO-1 Burke Brook Consolidation Sewer
SCSO-2 Kingsbury Run Consolidation Sewer3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20211st Quarter 2024$69.2
SCSO-2 Kingsbury Run Consolidation Sewer
SCSO-3 Morgana Run Consolidation Sewer2nd Quarter 20223rd Quarter 20222nd Quarter 2024$29.3
SCSO-3 Morgana Run Consolidation Sewer
  Westerly CSO Projects        
West 3rd Quigley / Westerly Miscellaneous CSO Control20-Apr-17 A07-Sep-17 A2nd Quarter 2019$8.3
The West 3rd CSO Control project includes a storage and conveyance sewer and tank to control overflows at CSOs 082 and 089, both of which discharge to the Cuyahoga River. The projects will provide CSO control for the Typical Year control events.
Westerly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station (C)N/AN/A2nd Quarter 2020$28.0
The WTDPS is currently planned as an 80'' diameter, 36 MGD dry pit/wet well pump station to dewater the Westerly Storage Tunnel after wet weather events.
  Easterly Plants        
Easterly Chemically Enhanced High Rate Treatment Facility02-Apr-15 A20-Aug-15 A4th Quarter 2019$125.0
The Easterly Chemically Enhanced High Rate Treatment (CEHRT) Facility is Consent Decree Control Measure 2. This facility must start design within 6 months of approval of the Pilot Testing Report. The Easterly CEHRT project includes preliminary design and then design of the new high rate treatment facility to treat CSO-001 based upon the findings documented in the Pilot Testing Report.
  Southerly Plants        
Southerly Optimized Parallel Treatment20-Aug-15 A04-Feb-16 A4th Quarter 2019$50.5
This project consists of modification to the existing treatment plant in order to accommodate parallel operation of the first and second stage aeration systems during period of high flows to meet the District’s Long Term Control Plan. This project also includes an evaluation, design and construction to protect Southerly’s infrastructure and assets during extreme wet weather events. In 2015, the District had bidding documents prepared for the rehabilitation of the main substation at Southerly. It was determined that this substation rehabilitation work should be bid with the Optimized Parallel Treatment project.
  Westerly Plants        
Westerly Chemically Enhanced High Rate Treatment Facility03-Nov-16 A20-Apr-17 A2nd Quarter 2020$70.2
The Westerly Chemically Enhanced High Rate Treatment (WCEHRT) project includes preliminary and final design of the new high rate treatment facility. The District is required per Appendix 1 of the CD to commence design of the final facilities within 6 months of EPA approval of the Pilot Testing Report and issue a construction notice-to-proceed within 18 months of design commencement. Furthermore, the WCEHRT project was an agreed upon change during CD negotiations with EPA to the District’s original CSO control plan thus minimal planning has been done for the design of the final facilities. Considering both the aggressive implementation schedule upon approval of the Pilot Testing Report and the limited planning performed to date, advancement of the project prior to EPA approval is necessary.
CIP Combined Sewer Overflow Control Program (CSO) Sub-program Total $1,023.6
CIP Districtwide Activities
  CIP Building Improvements        
Easterly New Maintenance Building1st Quarter 20202nd Quarter 20203rd Quarter 2021$7.3
The project involves the design and construction of a new, stand alone maintenance building. The building will include new mechanical and electrical shops, weld and fabrication work area, stockroom with loading dock and centralized parts storage, and locker room and related facilities.
Southerly Building Heat Boiler System Uupgrades05-Apr-18 A05-Jul-18 A20-Dec-18$8.5
This two-step design-build project will evaluate, design, and implement a new regional heating hot water boiler plant system to replace the existing central steam boiler system. Condensing boilers are proposed to allow them to operate at a lower temperature on mild days at a thermal efficiency above 90% and provide a redundant boiler in each plant. The existing steam boiler system is oversized, antiquated and in overall poor condition. The existing steam boilers require full time on-site stationary engineers when they are operating. The steam generating facility was originally designed to provide 450 PSIG steam for process loads, including the Zimpro thermal conditioning process and provided building heat as an ancillary function. The process steam load was eliminated several years ago, so the plant is operated to provide heat only at a significantly lower pressure of 150 PSIG.
District-Wide Roof Improvements2nd Quarter 2019N/A3rd Quarter 2019$1.6
This project involves the construction of recommended roofing repairs/replacements as a result of District-wide roofing assessment.
Southerly Maintenance Building Roof Replacement20-Sep-18 AN/A06-Dec-18$1.8
Southerly Maintenance Building Roof Replacement
District-wide Roadway Assessemnt and Improvements1st Quarter 2019N/A2nd Quarter 2019$1.0
Easterly Roofing and Structural Improvments3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20211st Quarter 2023$0.2
Easterly Roofing and Structural Improvments
Easterly Screenings Building Improvements3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022$0.1
Easterly Screenings Building Improvements
Southerly Maintenance Buildings Rehabiltation4th Quarter 20201st Quarter 20213rd Quarter 2022$6.3
Maintenance Building Rehabilitation includes HVAC, electrical rehab, lockers and replacement of roof.  Miscellaneous Equipment Storage Building rehab.
Southerly Site Paving Improvements1st Quarter 20212nd Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022$10.6
This project includes the replacement of the existing site paving.
Building Maintenance Repair and Renewal (2019-2036)3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022N/A
Building Maintenance Repair and Renewal (2019-2036)
  CIP Districtwide        
Automation Program Management Phase-117-Sep-15 A02-Jun-16 A1st Quarter 2019N/A
This program will provide required upgrade and configuration of software for process control and reporting functions for compliance reporting and maintenance needs across the District. This Program will take a broad-based effort to improve control system equipment, data collection and documentation and maintainability of the control system and enhance overall system functionality and reliability. This contract will include Program Management services, programming, integration, design and CA services. In addition, Phase I will include the replacement of obsolete programmable logic controllers (PLCs) currently in operation at Westerly WWTP.
Westerly PLC ReplacementN/AN/A20-Dec-18$5.9
The primary objective of this project is to replace the obsolete programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and associated I/O distributed throughout the Westerly WWTC. Additionally, this project will replace obsolete operator interface terminals (OITs) and incorporate process improvements through application of automatic controls. HMI graphics will be updated where required to incorporate interface modifications as a result of process operational improvements.
Easterly/Southerly Fiber Replacement04-Oct-18 A2nd Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020$5.5
Installation, terminating, testing, and commissioning of single mode fiber optic cable and appurtenances and demolition of existing multimode fiber network. Purchase and installation of hardware District-wide to replace existing obsolete equipment.
Easterly / Southerly PLC Replacement (APM 2)2nd Quarter 20193rd Quarter 20191st Quarter 2022$11.7
The primary objective of this project is to replace the obsolete programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and associated I/O distributed throughout the Easterly WWTP and Southerly WWTC and well as bring those PLCs already upgraded at these facilities up to current District standards. This project will also replace obsolete operator interface terminals (OITs) and incorporate process improvements through application of automatic controls.
Collections HMI/PLC Replacement (APM 2)2nd Quarter 20213rd Quarter 20211st Quarter 2024$9.9
The objective of this project is to replace obsolete programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and associated I/O distributed throughout the collection system remote locations. A secondary goal will be to replace and install a new HMI system at our EMSC Facility. The need for HMI replacement will be determined through a study defined under the Collections HMI/PLC Replacement Study project.
District Wide UPS Replacement1st Quarter 20202nd Quarter 20201st Quarter 2021$1.7
This Design Build project will provide improved systems control and network reliability through replacement of select UPS systems throughout the three wastewater plants. This project entails design, procurement, installation and testing of new UPSs for each location.
Collections HMI/PLC Replacement Study3rd Quarter 20191st Quarter 2020N/AN/A
This study shall evaluate alternatives for replacing RTUs (Remote Terminal Units) required for monitoring and control of District Collection System sites. This study will also address concerns regarding the adequacy of HMI displays; and, PCS control capabilities for the Collection System at the sites and at EMSC workstations.
Easterly / Southerly PLC Replacement Programmer3rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 2019N/AN/A
The District intends to hire, through an RFQ, an independent programming team to drive consistency, quality and standardization in the upcoming Easterly/Southerly PLC and Collections HMI/PLC Replacement projects.
CIP Environmental Contract3rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 2019N/AN/A
CIP Environmental Contract
Dampers / Exhaust Fans2nd Quarter 2019N/A3rd Quarter 2019$2.0
Replacement of equipment recommendations from the HVAC Equipment Assessment project.
CIP Districtwide Activities Sub-program Total $74.1
CIP Treatment Plants
  CIP Treatment Plants Easterly        
Easterly Aeration Tank Rehabilitation Improvements03-May-18 A15-Nov-18 A4th Quarter 2019$11.0
Clean and remove biosolids and grit from eight aeration tanks. ?Replacement of existing membrane diffusers in eight aeration tanks. Installation of NPW flushing water to each diffuser grid and to the main drainage conduit in the Aeration Gallery Buildings. Installation of motorized flushing gates in Aeration Tanks Passes 1 and 3 for cleaning tank floors. Concrete repair of aeration tanks main drainage conduit cracks and expansion joints. Installation of one new aeration tank blower in the west spare blower location in the Blower Building. Leak test aeration blower piping and make repairs. Evaluate and repair aeration blower heat exchangers.
Easterly Bar Screen Conveyor Belt Rehabilitation02-Aug-18 A06-Dec-182nd Quarter 2019$0.8
Prepare engineering study and documents to be used as the criteria package for a Design-Build project to replace the bar screen belt conveyor belts and improve the conveying system.
Easterly Southerly Sludge Pump System (2011-0017)4th Quarter 20211st Quarter 20222nd Quarter 2023$6.3
Easterly R&R Projects (2019-2036)3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022N/A
Easterly Weigh Scale (design-build)4th Quarter 20211st Quarter 20224th Quarter 2022$0.6
Easterly Weigh Scale (design-build)
Easterly Electrical Service Improvements3rd Quarter 20191st Quarter 20204th Quarter 2021$12.0
Implement recommendations from the Easterly and Westerly electrical service study ta Easterly WWTP.
  CIP Treatment Plants Southerly        
Southerly Gravity Thickener Odor Control3rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020$3.7
Southerly Miscellaneous Disinfection and Solids Handling Improvements20-Sep-18 AN/A1st Quarter 2019$3.0
Southerly Miscellaneous Disinfection and Solids Handling Improvements project will evaluate, design, and construct various modifications to the disinfection metering and storage equipment, improve access to storage tanks, modify solids handling storage capacity and capability, and replace various disinfection and solids handling equipment throughout plant areas.
Southerly REF ImprovementsN/AN/A1st Quarter 2019$1.1
This project will install various purge air system components to improve incineration operability and replace the waste heat boiler economizer tubing within the Fluidized Bed Incinerators in the Renewable Energy Facility at Southerly Wastewater Treatment Center.
District Wide Solids Handling Study2nd Quarter 20193rd Quarter 2019N/AN/A
Evaluate solids handling at the three plants. Considerations at Easterly include sludge quality, storage, and pumping rates/pump type. Southerly considerations include odor control, Easterly sludge force main and Southerly discharge flexibility, hydrogen sulfide control and storage versus FBI capacity.
Southerly Steam Generation/Reactor/Incineration Building DemolitionN/AN/A2nd Quarter 2020$3.5
Demolition of steam generation, reactor and incineration buildings as an outcome of the District Wide Facilities Decommissioning Study.
Southerly R&R Projects (2019-2036)3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022N/A
Southerly 2nd Stage Aeration Improvements3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20212nd Quarter 2023$23.8
Southerly Effluent Filtration and Disinfection Improvements3rd Quarter 20224th Quarter 20221st Quarter 2024$50.1
Southerly Effluent Filtration and Disinfection Improvements
Southerly Waste Liquor Handling Improvements4th Quarter 20191st Quarter 20202nd Quarter 2021$2.0
Miscellaneous building improvements and replacement of waste liquor pumps and compressors.
Southerly Wet Stream Hg Removal3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022$10.4
Southerly Primary Sludge Degrit Building Demolition2nd Quarter 20223rd Quarter 20221st Quarter 2024$1.2
  CIP Treatment Plants Westerly        
Easterly & Westerly Low Voltage Equipment Replacement01-Feb-18 A21-Jun-18 A2nd Quarter 2019$8.9
The obsolete Motor Control Centers at WWWTC and EWWTP should be replaced in their entireties under a design-build contract delivery system. This will allow the equipment to meet the District''s current safety policies, minimize the potential for equipment failure, to be the latest series from manufacturers so that certified replacement parts will be available for many more years and up to date record documents will be available for the District''s maintenance staff. Includes replacement of Westerly PEPS VFDs.
Westerly Trickling Filter Media2nd Quarter 20194th Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020$4.2
At the Westerly Wastewater Treatment Center (WWTC), wastewater is treated by a suspended growth activated sludge treatment process that utilizes three (3) circular fixed media trickling filters that stand 47 feet tall and 80 feet in diameter. Each trickling filter contains 5024 cross flow plastic media modules that provide a total of 7,717,000 square feet of surface area for biological growth. As wastewater flows over the plastic media, bacteria and microorganisms such as protozoa attach themselves to and grow on the media. This growth of biomass will convert suspended solids and dissolved solids to settable solids which are removed in final settling clarifiers. This project will replace the plastic media originally installed in 1995 based on material condition assessments and performance evaluations.
Westerly 2018 CEMS Upgrade20-Sep-18 AN/A20-Dec-18$0.1
Replace the mature Rockwell SLC PLC. Replace the data acquisition system. Manifold the two sets of sample lines and wiring to make for easy switchover of single set of analyzers between operating incinerators. Provide signal to CEMS to not record stack data when an incinerator is not in operation. Solve issues with frequent sample draw pump failures. Eliminate current CEMS support contract.
Westerly Grit Equipment Rehabilitation3rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020$1.5
Assess, rehab, and/or replace Westerly''s aging grit equipment.
Westerly Primary Sludge Rehabilitation1st Quarter 20202nd Quarter 20202nd Quarter 2021$1.0
Evaluate and replace aging Primary Sludge piping and equipment, which was installed in 1977.
Westerly R&R Projects (2019-2036)3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022N/A
Westerly R&R Projects (2019-2036)
Westerly Settling Tank Mechanical Repairs4th Quarter 20201st Quarter 20212nd Quarter 2022$3.0
Rehabilitation of primary and final clarifiers ferrous materials. Some miscellaneous concrete, electrical and instrumentation work will also be required
Westerly PEPS VFD Replacement3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20213rd Quarter 2022$0.6
Westerly PEPS VFD Replacement
CIP Treatment Plants Sub-program Total $148.7
2018 - 2022 CIP Program Summary Total $1,298.9
(1) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Issue Request for Proposal
(2) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Enter into Consultant Agreement