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2015 - 2019 CIP Program Summary As of Dec 31, 2014
Project Name and Location RFP(1) Design(2) Award of Construction Construction Est.($M)
CIP Collection Systems (Interceptors - Rehab)
  CIP Collection System Systemwide        
Collection System Asset Renewal-120-Jun-13 A05-Dec-13 A07-May-15$5.5
Kingsbury Run Culvert Repair19-Sep-13 A03-Apr-14 A2nd Quarter 2016$4.5
SSMO Facilities Upgrade02-Apr-1502-Jul-15N/A$2.0
Odor Control Facility Upgrades3rd Quarter 20191st Quarter 20201st Quarter 2021$2.2
SSMO Pump Stations R&R Projects4th Quarter 20191st Quarter 20201st Quarter 2021N/A
Collection System Asset Renewal-23rd Quarter 20174th Quarter 20174th Quarter 2018$8.5
  CIP Collection System Easterly        
Green Creek Culvert Repair4th Quarter 20191st Quarter 20202nd Quarter 2021$3.5
  CIP Collection System Southerly        
MC-47A and CSO 236 SWO Relocations19-Dec-13 A01-May-14 A05-Nov-15$8.0
CIP Collection Systems (Interceptors - Rehab) Sub-program Total $34.2
CIP Combined Sewer Overflow Control Program (CSO)
  Easterly CSO Projects        
East 140th Consolidation and Relief Sewer21-Mar-13 A18-Jul-13 A2nd Quarter 2016$70.0
Doan Valley Storage Tunnel21-Aug-14 A15-Jan-15 A2nd Quarter 2017$130.8
Dugway South Relief and Consolidation Sewer20-Feb-14 A17-Jul-14 A1st Quarter 2016$36.1
Superior-Stones-Canal CSO Improvements06-Mar-14 A17-Jul-14 A1st Quarter 2016$19.8
Doan Valley Regulators / Relief4th Quarter 20161st Quarter 20171st Quarter 2019$11.5
London Road Relief Sewer3rd Quarter 20164th Quarter 20161st Quarter 2018$38.4
Dugway Regulators / Relief2nd Quarter 20163rd Quarter 20162nd Quarter 2018$3.5
Shoreline Storage Area Tunnel1st Quarter 20193rd Quarter 20193rd Quarter 2021$195.8
Shoreline Consolidation3rd Quarter 20201st Quarter 20211st Quarter 2023$82.9
Doan Valley Relief and Consolidation Sewer1st Quarter 20163rd Quarter 20163rd Quarter 2018$20.4
  Southerly CSO Projects        
Aetna Road and Morgana Run Relief04-Jun-1501-Oct-153rd Quarter 2018$35.8
East 37th Street Pump Station3rd Quarter 20174th Quarter 20173rd Quarter 2019$8.8
Regulator S-8 Upgrade2nd Quarter 20164th Quarter 20163rd Quarter 2017$0.8
  Westerly CSO Projects        
Mary Street Pump Station Upgrade03-Oct-13 A06-Mar-14 A20-Aug-15$8.0
Westerly Storage Tunnel16-Apr-1512-Aug-151st Quarter 2018$178.3
Westerly Low Level Interceptor Relief Sewer19-Feb-1517-Jun-153rd Quarter 2016$14.2
Westerly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station (C)2nd Quarter 20163rd Quarter 20164th Quarter 2020$38.9
West 3rd St/Quigley Parallel Storage System (C)4th Quarter 20172nd Quarter 20183rd Quarter 2019$3.0
  CIP CSO Collection Systemwide        
Green Ambassador - Urban AgricultureN/AN/A05-Mar-15$6.3
Green Ambassador - Fairhill/MLKN/AN/A13-Feb-15$6.6
Union/Buckeye Green Infrastructure20-Mar-14 A16-Oct-14 A4th Quarter 2016$7.5
Woodland Central Green Infrastructure Project21-Aug-14 A05-Mar-151st Quarter 2017$13.1
Kingsbury Run Preliminary Engineering and Relief Sewer06-Nov-14 A19-Mar-151st Quarter 2017$6.5
  CIP CSO Miscelleanous Projects (Non-Consent Decree        
Fairmont Blvd SSO Relief SewerN/AN/A1st Quarter 2016$2.5
CSO Post Construction MonitoringN/A4th Quarter 2017N/AN/A
  Easterly Plants        
CSO-001 400 MGD Chemically Enhanced Retention Treatment Basin15-Oct-151st Quarter 20164th Quarter 2017$139.6
  Southerly Plants        
Optimized Parallel Operation W/ Chemical Addition and Disinfection (OPT 1)15-Oct-151st Quarter 20164th Quarter 2017$43.9
  Westerly Plants        
CSO-002 411 MGD Chemically Enhanced Retention Treatment Basin4th Quarter 20161st Quarter 20173rd Quarter 2018$37.1
CIP Combined Sewer Overflow Control Program (CSO) Sub-program Total $1,160.1
CIP Districtwide Activities
Automation Program Management (professional services)19-Feb-1507-Jul-15N/AN/A
EMSC Energy Conservation & Management04-Sep-14 A05-Feb-15 AN/A$2.3
District-wide LED Lighting Upgrade05-Mar-1504-Jun-15N/A$2.0
Testing & Construction Inspection ServicesN/A26-Nov-15N/A$20.0
Automation Program Management (construction)N/AN/A2nd Quarter 2017$20.0
CIP Districtwide Activities Sub-program Total $44.3
CIP Treatment Plants
  CIP Treatment Plants Easterly        
EWWTP New Maintenance Building1st Quarter 20192nd Quarter 20193rd Quarter 2020$7.1
EWWTP Service Building Rehabilitation05-Feb-15 A04-Jun-152nd Quarter 2016$2.5
Southerly Sludge Pump System (2011-0017)4th Quarter 20191st Quarter 20202nd Quarter 2021$6.0
Easterly WWTP 20-year R&R Projects3rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020N/A
EWWTP Electrical Service30-Jul-1502-Dec-151st Quarter 2017$15.0
EWWTP PST Rehabilitation No. 5 (internal design)05-Aug-14 A08-Dec-14 A26-Aug-15$3.0
  CIP Treatment Plants Southerly        
Southerly Main Sub Replacement18-Apr-13 A15-Aug-13 A16-Jul-15$11.0
Southerly MACT Compliance and Operations Improvements05-Jun-14 A18-Sep-14 A02-Jul-15$10.0
SWWTC First Stage Aeration Tank and Return Sludge PS Improvements18-Sep-14 A15-Jan-15 A2nd Quarter 2016$7.0
2nd Lift Station Improvements06-Nov-14 A05-Mar-153rd Quarter 2016$6.4
SWWTC Gravity Thickener Odor Control1st Quarter 20163rd Quarter 20163rd Quarter 2017$3.5
Southerly Emergency Relief System03-Sep-1517-Dec-153rd Quarter 2016$3.8
Southerly WWTC 20-year R&R Projects3rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020N/A
2nd Aeration Improvements3rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 20192nd Quarter 2021$22.9
SWWTC Second Stage FST 1-10 Improvements4th Quarter 20161st Quarter 20172nd Quarter 2020$22.7
SWWTC Effluent Filtration and Disinfection Improvements3rd Quarter 20164th Quarter 20162nd Quarter 2020$46.1
Waste Liquor Handling Improvements4th Quarter 20191st Quarter 20202nd Quarter 2021$2.0
SWWTC Maintenance Buildings Rehabiltation1st Quarter 20202nd Quarter 20204th Quarter 2021$6.0
Security Building Rehabiltation4th Quarter 20191st Quarter 20202nd Quarter 2021$0.2
Site Paving Improvements3rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 20192nd Quarter 2021$10.2
SWWTC Building Heat Boiler Evaluation1st Quarter 20182nd Quarter 20183rd Quarter 2019$3.0
SWWTC Substation Building HVAC Uprade (internal design)17-Oct-14 A24-Feb-151st Quarter 2016$1.0
SWWTC Wet Stream Hg Removal1st Quarter 20162nd Quarter 20162nd Quarter 2017$10.0
Primary Sludge Degrit Building Demolition3rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 20192nd Quarter 2021$1.1
  CIP Treatment Plants Westerly        
WWWTC Ferric Chloride Tanks19-Sep-13 A03-Apr-14 A15-Oct-15$7.5
WWWTC Long Term Residual Plan07-Aug-14 A19-Feb-15N/AN/A
Westerly CSOTF Bar Screen Rehabilitation05-Feb-15 A04-Jun-154th Quarter 2016$1.5
WWWTC Primary Effluent Pump Rehabilitation (internal design)16-Sep-14 A21-Jan-15 A04-Dec-15$0.6
CIP Treatment Plants Sub-program Total $210.2
2015 - 2019 CIP Program Summary Total $1,448.6
(1) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Issue Request for Proposal
(2) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Enter into Consultant Agreement

FROM:    James D. Bunsey, P.E.
Director of Engineering and Construction

RE: Capital Improvement Plan (CIP):

       2015-2019  Projects


DATE:      January 1, 2015

Dear Potential District Vendors:

Thank you for your interest in assisting the District with the implementation of our 2015 – 2019 Capital Improvement Program (CIP).  The format of the 5-Year CIP was designed to provide more information to our vendor community, including Small Business Enterprise (SBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) companies that participate in the District’s Business Opportunity Program, to allow you to better plan your pursuits. This report is organized by Program Area (Wastewater Treatment Plants, CSOs, Collection Systems, and District Wide), and provides key schedule milestones (Design Award and Construction Award). It is our hope that you will find this more succinct format useful in your pursuit of District work over the next several years.

As of 1/1/15, the anticipated construction project awards for the 2015-2019 periods are valued at       $ 1,462,500,000. The breakdown of the anticipated number of projects and contract award values by program area:

·         Collection Systems (3%)

·         Treatment Plants (15%)

·         CSO Program (79%)

·         District Wide (3%)

The table above is updated monthly during the year to reflect the updated status of these projects


The District’s capital investment over the next five years is substantial and will require the work of many to achieve. To assist in delivering this aggressive CIP, the District has put into place numerous workflows and process improvements.  Over the next five years, these improvements will support expedited Requests-for-Proposals (RFPs), preparation of bid documents, and streamline construction administration of our critical projects.


We encourage all potential vendors to visit our website ( to obtain critical information about how to become registered with the District’s Business Opportunity Program as an SBE, MBE, or WBE, and review the current SBE, MBE, WBE registry for potential teaming partners at:

In addition, vendors may contact the following District staff for additional information on projects contained within the CIP:

Gregory L. Binder, P.E., Plants Program Manager,

Gary Hoffman, P.E., Plants/Collection Systems Design Manager,

Doug Lopata, P.E., CSO Design Manager,

The District looks forward to the opportunity to partner with many of you in the upcoming year, and the resulting successful implementation of our CIP program. The continued investment in our plants and infrastructure is key to maintaining our community and the sustainability of our environment and Lake Erie for future generations to enjoy.


James D. Bunsey


James D. Bunsey, P.E.

Director of Engineering and Construction