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2018 - 2022 CIP Program Summary As of Apr 30, 2018
Project Name and Location RFP(1) Design(2) Award of Construction Construction Est.($M)
CIP Collection Systems (Interceptors - Rehab)
  CIP Collection System Systemwide        
Jennings/Dille Pump Stations Upgrades07-Jun-18N/A20-Sep-18$1.5
Barberton Creek Pump Station Upgrades02-Aug-18N/A01-Nov-18$1.5
Odor Control Facility Upgrades3rd Quarter 20191st Quarter 20201st Quarter 2021$2.3
Pump Stations and Auto Regulator R&R Projects (2019-2036)3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022N/A
CSO Culvert Inspection and Repair 12nd Quarter 20213rd Quarter 20212nd Quarter 2022$24.6
Collection System Asset Renewal-21st Quarter 20203rd Quarter 20202nd Quarter 2021$4.0
Collection System Asset Renewal-33rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022$4.0
Collection System Asset Renewal-42nd Quarter 20223rd Quarter 20222nd Quarter 2023$4.0
Collection System Asset Renewal-54th Quarter 20221st Quarter 20234th Quarter 2023$8.0
  CIP Collection System Easterly        
Green Creek Culvert Repair4th Quarter 20211st Quarter 20222nd Quarter 2023$3.6
CIP Collection Systems (Interceptors - Rehab) Sub-program Total $53.5
CIP Combined Sewer Overflow Control Program (CSO)
  Easterly CSO Projects        
Doan Valley Relief and Consolidation Sewer17-Mar-16 A21-Jul-16 A07-Jun-18$15.9
Dugway Regulators and Relief Sewers21-Apr-16 A18-Aug-16 A07-Jun-18$5.4
London Road Relief Sewer07-Jul-16 A17-Nov-16 A21-Jun-18$51.5
Doan Valley Regulators / Relief20-Oct-16 A16-Mar-17 A2nd Quarter 2019$9.0
Shoreline Storage Tunnel05-Apr-18 A04-Oct-181st Quarter 2021$203.7
DST/E140/Dugway South Site Restoration07-Jun-1820-Sep-184th Quarter 2019$1.5
Shoreline Consolidation Sewer4th Quarter 20192nd Quarter 20202nd Quarter 2022$86.2
  Southerly CSO Projects        
Burke Brook Open Channel Improvements (BOCI)N/AN/A2nd Quarter 2019$12.6
Pearl Road & Jennings Road Storage Tanks & Pump Station Upgrades05-Jul-1815-Nov-184th Quarter 2020$9.2
Southerly Tunnel1st Quarter 20212nd Quarter 20213rd Quarter 2024$276.4
Southerly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station1st Quarter 20212nd Quarter 20214th Quarter 2027$30.6
SCSO-1 Burke Brook Consolidation Sewer3rd Quarter 20224th Quarter 20222nd Quarter 2024$15.2
SCSO-2 Kingsbury Run Consolidation Sewer3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20211st Quarter 2024$69.2
SCSO-3 Morgana Run Consolidation Sewer2nd Quarter 20223rd Quarter 20222nd Quarter 2024$29.3
  Westerly CSO Projects        
West 3rd Quigley / Westerly Miscellaneous CSO Control20-Apr-17 A07-Sep-17 A2nd Quarter 2019$8.3
Westerly Tunnel Dewatering Pump Station (C)N/AN/A3rd Quarter 2019$28.0
  Easterly Plants        
Easterly Chemically Enhanced High Rate Treatment Facility02-Apr-15 A20-Aug-15 A15-Nov-18$125.0
  Southerly Plants        
Southerly Optimized Parallel Treatment20-Aug-15 A04-Feb-16 A15-Nov-18$50.5
Southerly Electrical Infrastructure ImprovementsN/AN/A05-Jul-18N/A
  Westerly Plants        
Westerly Chemically Enhanced High Rate Treatment Facility03-Nov-16 A20-Apr-17 A3rd Quarter 2019$70.2
CIP Combined Sewer Overflow Control Program (CSO) Sub-program Total $1,097.7
CIP Districtwide Activities
  CIP Building Improvements        
Easterly New Maintenance Building1st Quarter 20202nd Quarter 20203rd Quarter 2021$7.3
District Wide D/B Energy Conservation and Management Project15-Mar-18 AN/A05-Jul-18$2.5
Southerly Building Heat Boiler Evaluation05-Apr-18 A21-Jun-1801-Nov-18$4.1
Southerly Maintenance Building Roof Replacement20-Sep-18N/A06-Dec-18$1.8
District-wide Roadway Assessemnt and Improvements06-Dec-18N/A1st Quarter 2019$1.0
District-wide Roof Evaluation and Improvements1st Quarter 2019N/A2nd Quarter 2019$1.6
Easterly Roofing and Structural Improvments3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20211st Quarter 2023$0.2
Easterly Screenings Building Improvements3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022$0.1
Southerly Maintenance Buildings Rehabiltation4th Quarter 20201st Quarter 20213rd Quarter 2022$6.3
Southerly Site Paving Improvements1st Quarter 20212nd Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022$10.6
Building Maintenance Repair and Renewal (2019-2036)3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022N/A
  CIP Districtwide        
Automation Program Management Phase-117-Sep-15 A02-Jun-16 A01-Nov-18N/A
Westerly PLC ReplacementN/AN/A01-Nov-18$5.9
Construction Safety and Security Services05-Apr-18 A17-May-18 AN/AN/A
Automation Program Management Phase-204-Oct-181st Quarter 20194th Quarter 2019$21.4
CIP Environmental Contract02-Aug-1806-Dec-18N/AN/A
Dampers / Exhaust Fans06-Dec-18N/A1st Quarter 2019$2.0
CIP Districtwide Activities Sub-program Total $64.8
CIP Treatment Plants
  CIP Treatment Plants Easterly        
Easterly Aeration Tank Rehabilitation Improvements03-May-1802-Aug-183rd Quarter 2019$11.0
Easterly Bar Screen Conveyor Belt Rehabilitation20-Aug-1801-Nov-182nd Quarter 2019$0.8
Easterly Southerly Sludge Pump System (2011-0017)4th Quarter 20211st Quarter 20222nd Quarter 2023$6.3
Easterly R&R Projects (2019-2036)3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022N/A
Easterly Weigh Scale (design-build)4th Quarter 20211st Quarter 20224th Quarter 2022$0.6
Easterly Electrical Service Improvements19-Jul-1806-Dec-183rd Quarter 2020$12.0
  CIP Treatment Plants Southerly        
Southerly Gravity Thickener Odor Control3rd Quarter 20194th Quarter 20194th Quarter 2020$3.7
Southerly Second Stage Settling Improvements18-Aug-16 A05-Jan-17 A20-Sep-18$40.8
District Wide Solids Handling Study2nd Quarter 20193rd Quarter 2019N/AN/A
Skimmings and Decant Storage Facility Access Improvements03-Jul-1815-Nov-184th Quarter 2019$0.5
Southerly Disinfection Chemical Tank Replacement06-Sep-18N/A15-Nov-18$1.0
Southerly Grease and Skimmings Automation Relocation21-Aug-18N/A01-Nov-18$0.2
REF Waste Heat Boiler Economizer Rehab06-Sep-181st Quarter 20191st Quarter 2020$1.0
Southerly Steam Generation/Reactor/Incineration Building DemolitionN/AN/A2nd Quarter 2020$2.0
Southerly R&R Projects (2019-2036)3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022N/A
Southerly 2nd Stage Aeration Improvements3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20212nd Quarter 2023$23.8
Southerly Effluent Filtration and Disinfection Improvements3rd Quarter 20224th Quarter 20221st Quarter 2024$50.1
Southerly Waste Liquor Handling Improvements4th Quarter 20191st Quarter 20202nd Quarter 2021$2.0
Southerly Wet Stream Hg Removal3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022$10.4
Southerly Primary Sludge Degrit Building Demolition2nd Quarter 20223rd Quarter 20221st Quarter 2024$1.2
  CIP Treatment Plants Westerly        
Easterly & Westerly Low Voltage Equipment Replacement01-Feb-18 A07-Jun-181st Quarter 2019$8.9
Westerly WWTC Trickling Filter Media Replacement01-Aug-1806-Dec-181st Quarter 2020$4.2
Westerly Facilities Plan05-Apr-18 A19-Jul-18N/AN/A
Westerly Grit Equipment Rehabilitation02-Aug-1806-Dec-184th Quarter 2019$1.5
Westerly Primary Sludge Rehabilitation1st Quarter 20192nd Quarter 20192nd Quarter 2020$1.0
Westerly R&R Projects (2019-2036)3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20214th Quarter 2022N/A
Westerly Settling Tank Mechanical Repairs4th Quarter 20201st Quarter 20212nd Quarter 2022$3.0
Westerly PEPS VFD Replacement3rd Quarter 20214th Quarter 20213rd Quarter 2022$0.6
CIP Treatment Plants Sub-program Total $186.5
Non CIP Planning
Cuyahoga Valley Interceptor Local Sewer System Evaluation Study05-Oct-17 A07-Jun-18N/AN/A
Non CIP Planning Sub-program Total N/A
2018 - 2022 CIP Program Summary Total $1,402.5
(1) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Issue Request for Proposal
(2) Dates identified with A (actual) indicates Board Authorization to Enter into Consultant Agreement